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Critical Care

Octapharma manufactures human plasma and protein products for treating critically ill or injured patients in intensive care and emergency settings. Our critical care products are used by emergency medicine physicians and paramedics around the world. 


Octapharma's Commitment to ICU Teams


We believe it is our responsibility to partner with ICU Teams and support their efforts to find even more effective ways of using blood component therapies - thereby optimising safety and reducing both side effects and costs.


Every day, thousands of people worldwide are admitted to intensive care units (ICUs) - specially equipped hospital units that provide highly specialised care to patients suffering from a serious injury or illness.


ICU care is provided by a multidisciplinary critical care team, comprising specially trained physicians, nurses, and other professionals. Each individual brings his or her particular expertise to the team. Members of the team may vary from hospital to hospital.


  • Physicians: The critical care physician, or intensivist, is likely to be a specialist in internal medicine, surgery, or anaesthetics. In addition, the physician will have received one or more years of specialised training in all aspects of critical care.
  • Nurses: With specialised training in caring for ICU patients, critical care nurses provide around the clock bedside care and monitoring. They are in close contact with the physician in charge as well as other members of the critical care team.


ICU Treatments


Patients in ICU and emergency care often require immediate medical attention to prevent shock and quickly restore the body's haemostatic balance - such as normal blood volume and clotting (coagulation) function.